Do I have to file a lawsuit if I hire an attorney?

A lot of times people who contact us think that if they’re going to get a lawyer involved in resolving their personal injury claim, they have to end up suing someone or going to court. That’s not the case. And in Iowa, as is typical in most states, 95% of all of these types of cases are settled out of court, and most of them settle even without filing a lawsuit. That’s because in the negotiation process and in the claims adjustment process these claims are handled by professionals if the client is represented by an attorney. The insurance company has their adjusters, and that’s how most of these cases are handled.

That said, by having an experienced trial firm on your side when you’re in the negotiation process, the insurance company knows that if you do have to go to court that we’re a law firm that has experience. We do that, and we typically get good results.

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