Describe the litigation process following a personal injury?

There are many steps and procedures to successfully resolving a personal injury case, and often times our clients are totally unaware of the time periods and waiting periods that are involved. But in order to put the case together correctly and to get the highest value for the case, you’ve got to follow those steps, and you’ve got to follow those procedures. And sometimes in a particular order.

Once our clients realize why we’re doing certain things, and we take pride in always letting our clients know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and then they realize that they have to be with us sometimes, be patient. To stick with the process in order to get the results that they deserve and the results that we’re trying to get for them. So it’s a collaborative thing, and the way that you keep clients from getting frustrated is to always stay in touch with them, make them feel comfortable contacting us.

I think we take great pride in doing that. I think we’re very successful at that. I think that’s one of the reason’s we have clients who refer people to us on a routine basis. Even sometimes before their own case is over with because from the beginning they developed a sense that we’re on their side and we’re there for them, so they don’t even necessarily wait until the end of the case. Although certainly, we get a lot of referrals from people whose cases we’ve handled two, three, ten, fifteen years ago and you take great pride in that. That means that they remembered that you made a difference.

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